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Si se inscribió hace poco en un plan de Humana que no entra en vigencia hasta el año que viene, puede comenzar por transferir sus recetas médicas ahora, antes del inicio de su plan.

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A woman sitting on her couch using the Humana Pharmacy mobile app to create med reminders
The latest update to the Humana Pharmacy mobile app reminds you to take your medicines at the right time-so you never miss a dose. Learn how the new feature works.
A man checking the number of refills on his Humana Pharmacy prescription medicine

Quick refills and order tracking

8 de noviembre de 2021

Save time by using the quick refill and order tracking tools on our homepage. All you need are a few details, and the best part is that no sign in is required. Let us show you how.
How to pay your account balance online
Humana Pharmacy has made it easy for you to pay an outstanding account balance online. Let us show you how to do it.
Hemos mejorado aún más la aplicación móvil de Humana Pharmacy
We're always working to make the Humana Pharmacy mobile app one of the most convenient and easy ways to manage your prescriptions. Learn about the recent improvements we've made with you in mind.
A man checking his phone after receiving a text alert from Humana Pharmacy about his upcoming order
Setting up text message alerts for your medications can help you refill your medications on time and get the latest information on your order status.